Chris Kyle Frog Foundation


The Mission

The mission of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (CKFF) is to Honor GOD, Country and Families who serve.

It is focused on changing the world for this generation and the next by recognizing and strengthening military and first responder marriages through unique programs and powerful partnerships

The team at the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation develops and delivers programs that support having a country with thriving and connected military and first responder marriages.

The CKFF team are professionals who understand what it means to live a service-oriented life, who believe in the power that God, Country and Family can provide to an individual and a marriage, and create programs and experiences which will strengthen and support service marriages and families. 

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation has been built on four solid pillars: 

  • Loyalty: Committed to God, Country, and Family 

  • Empowerment: Empowering Families to Thrive 

  • Integrity: Honesty and Transparency in our Programs, Funding and Communications 

  • Excellence: Reflecting the service excellence that our constituents provide in service to their communities and country 

Dedicated to achieving CKFF’s mission with a lean team and working with a streamlined budget focused on outcomes, CKFF’s focus is on building programs that have deep impact in changing lives and a foundation that lasts well into the future.